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curtis Finch's Profile Image
curtis Finch, 3+ years ago

Rey came same day when my AC went out and got it going quickly. Very polite and professional. Told me there were some things he could do to make my AC system work a little more efficiently but with it being 21 years old he would just watch it for now as the upgrade parts would far outlast the system ant therefore probably aren't a good investment. He also pointed out some potential safety issues with the way my heater was installed that could cause problems and recommended bringing the system up to code before heater season.

Kelsy Tinsley's Profile Image
Kelsy Tinsley, 3+ years ago

Rey Ugalde and AC Comfort are GREAT! Rey and his team are very professional. Rey kept our old AC unit running as long as possible. We finally needed a new HVAC system and we are totally satisfied. He walked us through all the purchase options, of which his prices are reasonable. For installation, his team was professional, on time and took care of our house with respect. He always takes time to answer all our questions (we have a lot) and he does not take short cuts, he does the work right. He has gone above and beyond to make sure our new unit is functioning as is should. He will be our only HVAC contractor. We trust him and enjoy the quality of his work and services. Thanks, Rey!

Florentine Guerrero's Profile Image
Florentine Guerrero, 3+ years ago

Had an AC/Heating unit installed in November. Rey Ugalde (Tech), just did a, Free, follow up. This unit has been great on both cooling and heating. The service has been outstanding. I would not recommend another company to anynody. Best out there!!!

Yonathan Tesfamarima's Profile Image
Yonathan Tesfamarima, 3+ years ago

Great customer service experience. Punctual, he called to say that he was ahead of schedule, but what I liked most was his TRUSTWORTHINESS.
If I ever have issue with my AC. Ray will be the #1 choice
MUCHA Gracias

Marco Nava's Profile Image
Marco Nava, 3+ years ago

They did a great job!

priscilla velez's Profile Image
priscilla velez, 3+ years ago

My A/C is blowing but not cold.
I received 2 diagnoses/quotes. Both differed. Both were very expensive but I figured, it has to be done. I needed a third diagnosis/quote.
I called AC Comfort. Rey came out took a look at the system outside and inside.
He explained what he saw and didn't see.
His quote came back THOUSANDS of dollars lower. His freon cost is lower that the other companies too!
Surprise, surprise.... We are going with AC Comfort.
He did not try scam me and repair something that didn't need repairing.
Thank you Rey!!!!!!

Update: Rey came back out today to complete the work and just like I knew he would, he explained everything thouroughly, was very professional and honored his quote!!! Most people try to raise the cost of their original quote.
I needed an extra part for the A/C to run effeciently and before installing it THEN telling me and charging me, he told me first and gave me options.
As long as I'm in Katy, I will always use A/C Comfort!!!!
Thanks Rey!!!!!!

Michael Jacobs's Profile Image
Michael Jacobs, 3+ years ago

I had a small issue and thought it was going to be very costly. After speaking with the A/C guy, I discovered that my unit was not put in service correctly and I lacked a device. They fixed it and everything is running better than before. I recommend calling them before you do anything with your HVAC system

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