AC Comfort Blog: Archive for September, 2018

Why Your AC Is Unevenly Cooling Your House

Monday, September 24th, 2018

man-and-fanOne of the most important jobs of a central air conditioning system is spreading cooling power evenly around a house. It’s one of the many reasons to have a central AC system rather than window units, which only affect the rooms they’re in. When you have an effective central air conditioner, you can enjoy the same pleasant temperatures all through the rooms of your house whenever the heat outside rises (and it can rise any time of the year here in Katy!).

But uneven cooling is an issue central air conditioners often face. If you are discovering rooms that are hotter and stuffier than normal in your house when you have the AC running, you might have a serious problem requiring air conditioning repair in Katy, TX from our professionals.

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Your Air Conditioner’s Age and Choosing to Replace It

Monday, September 10th, 2018

old-air-conditionerThe closing weeks of summer don’t mean a sudden plunge in the heat. You can expect to need your AC running for a bit longer. But the winding-down time of the season is a good point to start considering the future of your air conditioning system and whether you want to replace it before the next summer arrives. You don’t want to wait for an air conditioning system to completely break down before you have it replaced. If possible, get ahead of the problem and replace the AC before it starts to give you headaches like increased bills and unreliable performance.

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