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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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This is How Important it Is to Change Your AC Air Filter


You know that you have to change your AC air filter every month, but does it really matter if you skip a month or change it late? The short answer is yes. Changing your air filter is a very easy way to take good care of your air conditioner. 

If you haven’t been keeping up with your air filter as you should, you may need the help of an HVAC company in Houston, TX. We are the team of experts that you are looking for. We can help you clean out any dust and dirt that has made it into your air conditioning system and offer tips for protecting it better in the future. You can keep reading to learn more about why changing your AC air filter on time every time is so crucial. 

Protect Your AC

Dust particles getting into your air conditioner don’t just make the system dirty. They can actually impact how your air conditioner is able to cool your home. Dust and dirt have a way of getting in tiny crevices such as gears and parts that need to work together to operate your air conditioner. 

When dirt gets in these crevices, it dries up lubrication so that various components begin grinding instead of working together smoothly. This can impact your air conditioner’s efficiency but also adds to wear and tear so that your air conditioner may not last as long. 

Save Money

You may not have to address dust and dirt in your air conditioner right away, but eventually you will. There may come a time that there is so much gunk throughout the system, that it can no longer operate smoothly. At that point, you won’t just be scheduling a standard maintenance appointment. You’ll be scheduling a major repair. If your AC gears grind together for too long without lubrication, they can become damaged beyond repair and need to be replaced. 

When dust and dirt make it into your air ducts, the particles can impact seals around the various joints and lead to holes that help airflow escape. You may need to have your ductwork cleaned out, holes repaired, and joints resealed. This can be another expensive project to undertake. Changing your air filter regularly to prevent dust and dirt from getting into the system can go a long way to preventing these problems from happening. 

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Once dust and dirt make it into your ductwork, it begins to re-circulate through your home. You may notice that surfaces are dustier than usual, or you may be suffering from symptoms of illness and allergies. Once you begin to notice these things, it’s time to schedule duct cleaning and AC maintenance. You can prevent these problems from happening again in the future by changing your air filter on time each month. If the air filter itself is the problem, our team can make a recommendation for a higher-quality air filter solution.

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