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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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Heed These Warning Signs You Need Your Furnace Repaired

checkmark-greenWe hope that you’ve scheduled heating maintenance for your furnace with our team already. If you haven’t, right now is a great time to have it done. Maintenance makes it more likely that your furnace will work exactly as it needs to during the cold spells, and it reduces the chance you’ll need to call us for furnace repair Sugar Land, TX to handle a broken heater.

Even with maintenance, you may still have to call us to fix your furnace. We recommend you look over the warning signs below of a heater that’s going bad so you’ll be able to call us before the furnace abruptly fails. It isn’t hard to avoid a furnace repair emergency if you know what to watch for.

The furnace keeps shutting down early

When your furnace turns on to provide warmth to your house, you can expect it will run for around 15 minutes before turning off. This is the standard minimum heating cycle length, and you don’t want your furnace to run in shorter cycles because these bursts of activity waste power and lead to uneven comfort. If you notice your furnace shuts down after only running for 10 minutes or even less, something is wrong. It could be a gas flow problem, a malfunctioning flame sensor, or the furnace overheating and triggering the limit switch.

The furnace is making more noise than usual

The modern furnace is designed to run at low noise levels, and you shouldn’t notice the noise of the furnace when it’s on—just part of the white noise of the season. When you do begin to notice furnace noise because the furnace is either louder or the noises it’s making sound strange, then we recommend calling our technicians to look into what’s happening and see if there’s a repair need.

You have to continually adjust the thermostat for comfort

The ideal way to set the thermostat for your furnace is to find a single comfortable temperature for the daytime when people are home and a second for night and leave it there. Steady settings are the best for even comfort and for the furnace’s efficient performance. But if you find that you have to keep moving the thermostat setting up and down as you switch between being too hot or too cold, it indicates trouble brewing in the HVAC system. 

You’ve noticed dusty air quality

The furnace can have an impact on the quality of the air in your home. If you notice the air is filled with more dust than usual, the furnace may have an accumulation of dust and dirt in it that will eventually cause repair troubles—and it won’t do much good for your lungs either!

There are cold spots around the house

The furnace is running, the center of the house is toasty warm … but some rooms are colder than they should be. Uneven heating like this is a major red flag that a furnace is starting to lose its heating capacity. 

At AC Comfort, Your Comfort Is Our Business! When youneed a heater repair, just call us.

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