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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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How Does an Electric Furnace Fare Against a Heat Pump?

HVAC-iconsIf you live in an all-electric home, there are several choices available to you when it comes to heating during the winter. The two main ones are the electric furnace and the heat pump. Because we don’t experience fierce winters here in Katy, your heating system will run for only a short season—but that doesn’t mean that just any heater will do. 

In fact, choosing between a heat pump and an electric furnace is a big decision, because it will also affect how you cool the house. A heat pump is a two-in-one system that works as both an air conditioner and a heater, so if you choose a heat pump installation, you’re also making the decision on how you’re cooling the house. If you choose an electric furnace, you’re also deciding to either keep your current AC or install a separate AC unit.

However, what we’re concentrating on for the rest of this post is the heating abilities of the heat pump and the electric furnace. Does one fare better than the other when it comes down to providing warmth to a house? The answer is “yes,” but which one depends on the house and its current HVAC situation. This is where our professionals are invaluable—they can help you determine if a heat pump or electric furnace is your right choice.

The Case for the Electric Furnace as a Heating System

Where an electric furnace has the advantage is the level of heat it is able to put out. It isn’t as strong as a gas furnace (which can also warm up air faster), but it can send air into a home that’s 120°F. A heat pump sends out air that’s closer to 90–95°F on the colder days of the year, which is because the heat pump is drawing its heat energy from the outdoors. If you put your hand near the air vent, the heat coming from the furnace will feel warmer than that from a heat pump. 

However, this isn’t quite as big an advantage as it may sound, especially in Texas weather, where you won’t need high heat levels all the time, and the heat pump won’t have to struggle much at drawing on external heat energy. 

The Case for the Heat Pump as a Heating System

(Again, we’re momentarily ignoring that a heat pump also functions as an air conditioner.) The big advantage of the heat pump is how much it costs to run. A heat pump uses less electricity than an electric furnace—as much as 50% less. A heat pump can suffer from a plunge in efficiency on days when the outdoor temperature drops below freezing … but how often does that happen around here? A heat pump can deliver some great savings in heating mode, although it costs more to install upfront.

We can help you find the right heating system for your home’s needs, whether it’s an electric furnace or heat pump. We’re also the team to look to for heat pump or furnace repair in Katy, TX when your chosen heater isn’t doing the job you expect of it.

At AC Comfort, Your comfort is our business! Schedule heating installation services with the expert Katy, TX team.

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