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Does a Heat Pump Work Differently in Its Two Modes?

Monday, June 17th, 2019

sun-and-snowflake-badgeHeat pumps are a popular option for home comfort here in Katy because they are ideally suited to our climate: hot weather during most of the year with a short, cool winter. A heat pump works as both an air conditioner and heater, able to switch between the two modes with only an adjustment on the thermostat. During hot weather, a heat pump is as powerful as an air conditioner of the same cooling tonnage. During colder weather, a heat pump delivers heat at lower cost than using an electric furnace.

But how does a heat pump do both jobs? Does it switch between different operations when it goes from one mode to the other?

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Why Does My AC Just Keep Running and Running?

Monday, June 3rd, 2019

The runaway air conditioner is a common cooling problem homeowners may run into during the summer. Everyone knows why it’s bad news when an air conditioning system won’t turn on at all. But an air conditioner that just won’t power down and keeps its compressor running on and on is just as bad a problem. In most cases, the AC will need to have professional repairs to fix what’s wrong.

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