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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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Did You Forget AC Maintenance Before Summer? You Still Need to Schedule It!‏

AC-technician-washing-condenserYour AC does the job of keeping you comfortable in your home. However, to fully rely on it you need to ensure you stay current with its maintenance needs.

Most people schedule AC maintenance just before summer. However, if you forget, it doesn’t mean you should wait another year to have your AC tuned up and inspected. You need AC maintenance every year for you to fully enjoy its benefits.

Here are the major benefits of regular AC maintenance.

‏Extend the Life of the System

There are many reasons why your AC might start malfunctioning. Fortunately, most of them are not serious problems and they can be fixed easily. However, if you don’t call the professionals in time, those small issues can turn into huge problems that can ruin your AC. Regular maintenance check-ups will keep your AC functional for a long time.‏

‏When professionals examine your system, they will spot minor faults and issues. Once they identify these problems, they can fix them early—sometimes on the spot. Quick identification and resolution of minor issues can have a huge impact on the lifespan of your AC, and that will help you get the most on your initial investment in home cooling.‏

‏Superior Air Quality‏

Most people assume that all an AC does is pump cold air into a home. However, air conditioners also help to purify indoor air. When you book maintenance, our technicians will run several tests to check for problems. We’ll do everything needed to ensure that your system delivers the best quality air. ‏

‏The air that goes into the HVAC system passes through a filter. The purpose of this filter is to trap particles to prevent them from harming the interior of the HVAC cabinet. ‏If the fitler becomes excessively clogged, it will start allowing extra particles into the AC—and also into your air. When a professional services your system, they’ll ensure the AC has a clean filter. ‏

‏Makes Life More Comfortable‏

The key reason why most people install an AC unit is to make life more comfortable. A properly functioning air conditioner will create the ideal indoor environment for your daily activities. In addition, if your air conditioner receives regular service, you will maintain the ability to control the way your house feels inside. ‏

As an AC repair specialist, we can give you HVAC tips and tricks to help you keep your unit functioning efficiently throughout the summer season. ‏

‏Ready for AC Maintenance?‏

‏Are you ready to have your AC checked by professionals? Our services include tune-ups, parts repair, and other maintenance tasks. We have enough experience and knowledge to quickly identify problems and provide solutions. We offer air conditioning maintenance in Houston, TX. If you want to benefit the most from our services, you can join our Safety and Efficiency Cool Club. This maintenance plan will help to ensure that you have a reliable air conditioning system all year round.

At AC Comfort, “Your Comfort Is Our Business!” Call today to schedule service.

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