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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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Going With Ductless Cooling Has Great Benefits


Ductless cooling. When you read that term, does your mind first go to a window AC unit, or maybe one of those portable air conditioners that can attach to windows to provide cooling for a room? Yes, these are cooling methods that don’t use ducts. But what HVAC experts mean when they talk about ductless cooling is something different, and more powerful, efficient, and convenient.

The Ductless Mini Split System

A ductless cooling system is also known as a ductless mini split heat pump. As with standard heat pumps, they work as both cooling and heating systems, and can be changed with only a simple adjustment. We’ll talk a bit more about the heating ability later; for right now, just think of a ductless mini split system as a type of air conditioning.

Like a standard central air conditioner, a ductless mini split uses both indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor unit is a single cabinet which houses a compressor, refrigerant coils, and a fan. But rather than a single indoor unit comprising refrigerant coils, a blower, and ductwork, a ductless mini split uses multiple small air handlers placed around the house in different rooms. These air handlers contain their own fans and refrigerant coils, and they attach to the outdoor unit through a small hole in the back of the wall where they’re mounted. Each air handler sends cooled air directly into the room in which it’s located, so there’s no need for ductwork to transport cooled air around the building.

How Ductless Is Beneficial

What makes the layout of a ductless mini split heat pump an advantage? There are several major benefits, although they may not apply to every home:

  • Adaptable: For homes that don’t have ductwork already built into them, such as vintage homes, trying to put in a central cooling system is difficult. It’s often too expensive and disruptive to the house to attempt to put in ductwork—if there’s even any available room. With a ductless mini split, it’s easy to convert to central cooling because no ducts need to be added. The installation requires putting in the outdoor unit and then mounting the small air handlers around the house.
  • Energy saving: Ducts allow for heat gain, and this lowers a central air conditioner’s efficiency. Ductless systems have higher efficiency because they don’t have ducts that can pick up heat. Ductless mini splits also have smaller motors that consume less power.
  • Zone control: Each air handler can be operated individually, so only rooms that require cooling are cooled. This saves power and helps with more even cooling distribution.
  • Heating: You may not need much heating power in Katy, but a ductless mini split has you covered on the few days you do—and at a lower cost than using an electric furnace.

If you’re curious about whether a ductless AC in Katy, TX is a good choice for your home, our professionals are glad to help you out. A ductless mini split heat pump isn’t the perfect system for all purposes, and you can trust our professionals to find out the best way to deliver comfort and energy savings to your home.

At AC Comfort, Your Comfort Is Our Business! Call to learn more about ductless cooling options.

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