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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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What Can Happen to Your Cooling During the Intense Heat

thermometer-going-redThe heat we’re experiencing right now in Katy is extreme. It’s not easy to stay outdoors for long, but at least you have a home with a powerful air conditioning system so you can always retreat to it.

You can’t rely on your AC 100% of the time, however, because no matter how well it was built and installed, no matter how dutifully you’ve had it serviced and maintained, it can still malfunction. When the heat rises to levels such as we’re currently experiencing, there’s a higher risk of an air conditioner problem due to all the extra work the system takes on.

The Hotter the Weather, The Bigger the AC Workload

The job of an air conditioner is to pump heat out of the inside of a building. It does this by evaporating refrigerant indoors to absorb heat and then condensing the refrigerant outdoors to release heat. When the weather outdoors is hotter, the heat pumped out of the house by the air conditioning system is replaced quicker—and so the “pump” has to work longer to keep up. You can expect the air conditioning system to go through longer cycles to stay at the setting on the thermostat when the thermometer outside rises high into the red.

You can help reduce the workload on the AC by raising the thermostat to as high a setting as you find comfortable, since this slows down how fast heat moves into the house. Keeping shades drawn and turning off unnecessary appliances will also help. But the air conditioner still has extra work, which can lead to problems…

  • Failed capacitors: Capacitors are electrical components in the air conditioner that send voltage to the motors. If capacitors fail, the AC won’t run. Capacitors can start to lose their ability to hold an electric charge in higher temperatures. If you hear a clicking sound from the AC cabinets, you may need HVAC technicians to replace the capacitors.
  • Overheated blower motor: The blower fan in the indoor air handler works even when the compressor isn’t running. This continuous work may lead to the motor overheating. This will often trip a circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker continues to trip after you reset it, call for HVAC technicians to look into the problem.
  • Clogged air filter: We also stress with our customers the importance of regularly changing the air filter for the HVAC cabinet. It’s especially vital during intense heat, because the AC runs longer and speeds up the process of the filter clogging. Leaving a clogged filter in place will cause numerous troubles in the AC, from a loss of airflow to rooms to the system overheating. We advise changing the filter monthly during this time.

To schedule Katy, TX, HVAC service to help your AC when the heat is putting it in jeopardy, call on the AC Comfort professionals. We believe that comfort can cost less, and we want to help you enjoy the summer days to their fullest with a robust air conditioning system.

Rely on AC Comfort for the best in keeping cool in Katy. Your Comfort Is Our Business!

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