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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas

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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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These Heating Problems Require a Technician to Fix

You definitely want your heater to work at its best in the winter. That doesn’t mean you won’t need a heater repair here or there over the years. When you do need heating repair in Katy, TX, you definitely want a professional team of experts to handle the job. You may think that some heating problems are easy enough to fix on your own. You can do a quick search online and come up with a DIY tutorial to address the problem yourself without having to pay for a professional heating repair service. 

But it’s always better to call in an expert who knows exactly what they’re doing. Even with the best intentions, you can do more damage than good with a DIY heating project. After all, the problem may not be as simple as you think it is, and you can quickly get it over your head. Keep reading to learn more about why some heating problems require a technician to fix.

Unusual Sounds

If your heater is making a lot of noise, that is always a problem. Whether it’s banging, rattling, or whistling, you don’t want to ignore these noises. The problem with heater sounds is that each one could come from a variety of causes. For example, screeching can mean that a fan belt is loose; or, it could be that another part came loose and a scraping metal on metal. 

You may be tempted to do a quick search of the sound and try to troubleshoot yourself, but you may not actually get to the root of the problem. One of our technicians can look at your system and fix the problem the right way. Sometimes the part can be repaired and put back into place, but other times it means replacing a heating component completely. 

Poor Airflow

If your heater is working but not producing the airflow that you expect, you may be tempted to try and adjust the ductwork or vents yourself. But when your heater was initially installed, the air vents were placed very purposefully, as was the ductwork. Moving the ductwork around can change the airflow significantly, and you also run the risk of damaging the seals that connect everything. 

Many homeowners also try to open and close vents to redirect the airflow. This is a bad idea. You always want to leave your air vents open so that air can get to every room of your house. Closing one air vent in an attempt to heat another area only leads to your system overheating. Hot air gets trapped in the system instead of redirecting to other rooms. As a result, your heater may try to work harder to get your home to an appropriate temperature. 

Signs of Damage

A furnace heat exchanger is a component that should only be handled by a professional. If your heat exchanger develops cracks, gas can leak into your home. You may notice a bad odor if your heat exchanger is cracked, but it’s not always the first sign. If you notice signs of unusual wear or damage anywhere else on your heater, there’s also a chance that your heat exchanger is cracked. Even the smallest hole or crack can allow dangerous fumes to escape into your home and deserves immediate attention. 

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