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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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Dry Air Can Be as Bad in Your Home as Humid Air

desert-landscapeDuring the summer, high humidity can make the hot weather dreadful. And everyone knows this. A dry heat is much better. Helping to lower high humidity during the summer is why we install whole-house dehumidifiers. If you don’t have a dehumidifier, you’re missing out on better indoor comfort and lower air conditioning bills.

But we’re here today to talk about the other end of the humidity spectrum: when the air is too dry during the winter.

Why Dry Air Is a Problem

You may be so familiar with thinking of dry conditions as a relief during hot weather that you haven’t thought of extreme dryness as an issue. But even in hot weather, it’s trouble when the relative humidity drops below 30%. The trouble worsens during cooler weather.

The same way that high humidity makes the heat feel hotter, dry air makes the cold feel colder. The moisture level in the air regulates how easily the human body can release heat through its skin by perspiring. High humidity levels slow down the heat release, trapping more heat and making the body feel hotter. Low humidity levels allow rapid heat loss, making the body feel cooler.

We don’t have extreme cold temperatures in Texas winters. But a mildly cool day will feel much chillier when the relative humidity is too low. The temperature has an unpleasant “bite” to it, and this means homes need to run their heating systems more to compensate. Because of dry air, you may end up running your heater on a day when you normally wouldn’t need it running at all!

There are more problems with dry air in a house. It causes dried out and itchy skin, eyes, and nasal passages. The dried mucus membranes make it much easier for colds and cases of flu to pass from person to person during the prime season of illness. The dry air also pulls moisture from surfaces and furnishings, which leads to cracked wood and peeled paint.

Last and not least, static electricity worsens in dry conditions. If you get shocked each time you touch the doorknob or your hair sticks to the comb, dry air is partially responsible.

The Whole-House Humidifier Solution

It’s as simple for our experts to correct dry conditions as it is to correct humid conditions. A whole-house humidifier integrated into the HVAC system gives you control over indoor humidity levels. Unlike portable humidifiers, which can only affect one room and aren’t precise, a whole-house humidifier puts more moisture into the air distributed through the ductwork to all the rooms. You can adjust the humidity levels from a device called a humidistat, which can be integrated into a new thermostat.

When paired with a whole-house dehumidifier, a humidifier puts your home’s indoor humidity in your full control, all through the year. We recommend keeping indoor humidity steady at 45%, an ideal balance between too dry and too humid.

If you want to find out more about installing humidifiers in Katy, TX, get in touch with our HVAC service professionals.

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