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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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Can I Buy a Used AC as a Replacement?

air-conditioner-recyclingIt’s difficult, it not outright impossible, to get along in the heat in Katy, TX, without an air conditioning system in a home. Central ACs aren’t low-cost appliances, and immediate finances often present an obstacle when it’s time to have an old system replaced.

This is why it occurs to some people to see if they can have a previously owned air conditioning system installed instead. Buying used cars, books, and furniture are all excellent ways to save money, so why not buy a used AC?

There are plenty of reasons! Installing used air conditioning equipment is an absolute no way. We’ll explain why.

The Warranty

The warranty on an air conditioning system may be transferable to a different owner. But this is not for the purpose of selling the AC, it’s for when a new homeowner moves into the house where the AC is installed. For most ACs, the warranty cannot be transferred if the equipment is moved. Considering that a used air conditioner will already have heavy wear and tear, it’s a major risk not to have the protection of a warranty.

Limited Service Life

The standard lifespan for an air conditioner is between 10 to 15 years, so you probably won’t have many more useful years left in an older system. You also don’t know how well the equipment has been maintained, so even an air conditioner that’s only 7 years old might be decrepit already and close to breaking down. The lower cost of used equipment won’t offset having to replace it after only a short time.

Wrong Size

You can’t pop just any central air conditioner into place in your house and expect it to work. Air conditioning systems must be properly sized to cool a house; too large or too small means an AC that can’t do its job and wastes money. You’ll have few choices for the right-sized air conditioner for your house if you shop for it used.

Wrong Refrigerant

As of 2020, the refrigerant blend R-22 will be officially phased out. Technicians cannot replace lost R-22 or repair R-22 systems. When purchasing a used AC, you may end up with an R-22 system right when you most need to have an R-410A system, the more environmentally friendly blend that is replacing R-22.

Poor Air Quality

An older air conditioning system will have picked up plenty of dirt and dust over time, as well as pulled various contaminants from its original house into it. Using a previously owned AC can end up harming the air quality in your house.

Direct Cash Dealings

No reputable HVAC company installs used equipment because they know it’s a poor investment. To find a used AC, you’ll have to deal directly with a seller who wants cash upfront. Can you trust this person? Do you have any guarantees? Even if you think you do, making this sort of deal is a high risk.

We believe comfort can cost less, and we can help you with your new AC installation or AC repair in Katy, TX. Ask us about our financing options—we’ll help you get the new air conditioning system you deserve.

At AC Comfort, your comfort is our business! Schedule a new air conditioning system installation for your house in Katy or the surrounding areas.

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