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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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4 Critical AC Failures Maintenance Helps You Avoid

There are four pretty common AC problems that we get calls about. But when you invest in air conditioning maintenance, you can easily avoid these problems from ever happening to your air conditioner. The trick is scheduling residential AC maintenance in Cypress, TX every single year over the life of your air conditioner.

You can keep reading to learn more about four ways that your air conditioner can break down. Each of these issues can cost thousands of dollars to fix if it happens at your house. When you’re ready, give our team a call to schedule your air conditioning tune-up now that the summer season is over.

Evaporator Coils Problems

Your AC has an evaporator that is located on the indoor portion of your unit. The evaporator is composed of coils whose main function is transferring liquid refrigerant into the evaporator and then turning the refrigerant into a gas. This is the method that air conditioners use to cool air and reduce humidity levels in the air. 

If the evaporator stops working, it can be an expensive component to replace. Lack of airflow inside of your air conditioner is a common reason for evaporator problems. Airflow restrictions can lead to the evaporator coils freezing until a thick layer of ice builds up and eventually causes irreversible damage. 

Broken Expansion Valve

Each air conditioner has an expansion valve that works alongside the evaporator, although it is located partway between the evaporator inside and the condenser outside. The expansion valve has a job of regulating how much liquid refrigerant moves into the evaporator at a time, and if it experiences problems, it could spread into the evaporator coils as well. 

Broken Condenser

The condenser is located on the outdoor portion of your air conditioner and is a counterpart to the indoor evaporator. Like the evaporator, a condenser is made up of coils that help to release heat outside of your home to aid in cooling. Refrigerant turns back into a liquid during this process and then transfers back into the evaporator coils to repeat the cycle again for cooling. 

Like the indoor coils, your outdoor condenser can face unique problems due to a lack of airflow. Ice usually doesn’t develop outside since your AC runs when outdoor temperatures are higher. Without adequate airflow the heat cannot escape and instead re-enters your home, ultimately interfering with the cooling process. The condenser can also face bent or broken fan blades and fins. 

Compressor Problems

The compressor is a component that has to work alongside the AC condenser to turn refrigerant back into a liquid. As the name implies, It compresses the refrigerant gas down until it liquifies again. The compressor is also located on the outdoor portion of your unit. A compressor can go bad for a number of reasons, including:

  • Poorly sized suction lines
  • Suction line blockages
  • Overheating caused by strain
  • Lack of refrigerant due to a leak
  • Loss of lubrication
  • Dirty condenser coils

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