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5 Signs of Compressor Trouble in Your AC

compressor-in-ac-unitLast year we wrote a post about what to do about your air conditioning system when the compressor fails: do you pay to repair it or have the entire AC replaced? The reason this question comes up is because the compressor is vital to an air conditioner and expensive to replace if it does fail. This is the part of your air conditioning system that you want to watch out for the closest so you don’t end up having to make this big decision.

Since we’re at the tail end of an extremely hot summer, the compressor in your air conditioning system has gone through a heavy workload. We have listed five signs to watch for that you need AC repair in Katy, TX to rescue a compressor that’s entered a risky zone. A fast response can repair a compressor before it’s beyond help and you’re looking at possibly replacing the entire air conditioner.

#1. Increased Indoor Humidity

An early indication that the compressor isn’t effectively sending refrigerant through the air conditioning system is a rise in humidity inside the house. An AC isn’t a dedicated dehumidifier, but it does draw moisture from the air as it cools it. If the refrigerant isn’t drawing the moisture from the air, you’ll notice a difference in the house, and probably before you notice the next sign …

#2. Uneven Cooling

The compressor is responsible for changing the temperature and pressure of refrigerant so it will carry out the heat exchange necessary to remove heat from inside the house. A compressor that’s losing power will result in less cooling capacity. An early warning sign this is occurring is that some rooms will feel warmer than others, usually the ones most distant along the ventilation system.

#3. Vibrating Condenser

The condenser is the outdoor cabinet of a split AC (the standard central air conditioning system) and houses the compressor. If you can see the cabinet shaking and vibrating, it often means a serious problem with the compressor. Even if it isn’t the compressor, it’s a warning that something is wrong and needs the help of professionals.

#4. Ice on the Evaporator Coils

The indoor evaporator coils should never have ice on them; that means the coils have lost their ability to properly absorb heat and warm up the cold refrigerant in them. This can mean a failing compressor, although no matter what the cause, it’s a serious problem that needs immediate help from an HVAC technician. (Don’t try to scrape the ice off yourself, since this won’t solve the issue and you may damage the coils.)

#5. Hard Starting

An air conditioner is hard starting when it struggles to begin its cooling cycle and start the compressor. This can mean the compressor is tight and needs to be repaired, or technicians need to attach a hard-start kit to help overcome the initial resistance. No matter the solution, this problem requires professional repairs because the stress on the compressor can lead to failure and it will also cause operating costs to skyrocket.

Call AC Comfort for fast and accurate air conditioning repair in Katy, TX. Your comfort is our business!

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