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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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It’s Almost Fall—But Your Air Conditioner Is Still Hard at Work

sunshineYou probably know what Texas weather is like—summer temperatures hang around for a long time, even after the official first day of fall. We started the month of September with temperatures in the high 90s. That’s serious air conditioner weather. An air conditioner can lower the temperature inside a house by a maximum of 20°F. So when you have a 96°F day, you almost have to work the AC to the maximum to get the house down to the recommended 78°F for comfort. (Try not to set the thermostat lower than this, especially in intense heat, since it not only wastes energy, it can actually lead to the evaporator coil icing over.)

All this preamble is our way of saying that it’s crucial to watch for signs you need AC repair in Cypress, TX at this time of year. The heat is intense and the air conditioner is working as hard as it ever has after months of consistent operation. This can put an air conditioner into the danger zone, even one that has always gotten spring maintenance. (Just a reminder: the AC needs maintenance every year.)

What Problems Should I Watch For?

Good question. Are there any particular issues your AC may have during this time of year? Yes, as well as general ones that can strike at any point, but which are more likely now:

  • Burnt-out motors: No part of an AC system is in bigger jeopardy of failure in late summer than the motors powering the fans and compressor. If they’ve become dirty, lost lubrication, or have worn down their bearings, the friction can lead to the motor overheating and burning out. Motor problems often give off screeching, grinding, and shrieking sounds, and they can also cause a drop in airflow from the system.
  • Dirty condenser cabinet: This is a problem you can often fix yourself by clearing the area around the outside cabinet and washing it off. A dirty condenser cabinet makes an air conditioner inefficient and you’ll notice a spike in electrical costs. Use a hose on low pressure to clean the cabinet. If the cabinet is extremely dirty and you’re concerned about its interior, call for professionals to handle the cleaning.
  • Ice on the evaporator coil: Dust and dirt collecting along the indoor evaporator coil can cause it to start to ice over. There are several causes for ice developing, and none of them are good. Don’t try to scrape off the ice, since this doesn’t fix the underlying cause and you may damage the coil. Call technicians to find the source of the problem, fix it, and defrost the coils.
  • Failed capacitors: The capacitor sends voltage to the motors, and they are temporary components that often won’t last for the whole life of the AC and will need professional replacement. They are susceptible to extreme heat, so during heatwaves they can start to go bad. If you notice the air conditioner struggles to start and you hear excessive clicking noises from the cabinet, call for repairs to see if the capacitors need to be replaced.

Your comfort is our business! Get in touch with AC Comfort when you need effective cooling system repairs.

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