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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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The AC That Does Too Much: When Your AC Won’t Shut Off

ac-plastic-grillWhen your home’s air conditioning system won’t turn on, you know you have a problem—especially in a scorching Texas summer! But what about the opposite problem, an air conditioner that runs and runs and won’t shut off?

If you don’t think that sounds like too much of a problem—the sort of problem you wouldn’t mind having—here’s a rundown on how a nonstop AC can make trouble:

  • It’s a massive waste of energy. The compressor of an air conditioner uses more electricity per hour than almost any device in your house, and your cooling bills will be astronomically high.
  • The house will get too cold. An air conditioner is designed to run in cycles and shut down once it has reached the target temperature for the house. When the AC won’t turn off, it will cool the house to the limit of its ability, which is almost certainly uncomfortably cold for everyone.
  • The strain constant operation places on the air conditioner will cause rapid deterioration, leading to numerous repairs and a need to replace the system early.
  • Do you really want the noise of the AC on all the time

If you have an overactive air conditioner that never seems to stop, you may need to call for AC repair in Houston, TX from our experts.

Why the AC Has Become a Runaway Train

Multiple different malfunctions can cause an air conditioner to run continuously. Below are the most common ones we see.

  • Thermostat miscalibration: The trouble may come from the thermostat rather than the air conditioner itself. A thermostat can develop a temperature sensing miscalibration so it reads the house as warmer than it is, and that means it won’t shut the air conditioner off when it reaches the target temperature. 
  • Lost thermostat connection: Another thermostat trouble is when the thermostat loses its connection to shut down the air conditioner’s compressor. The thermostat may still seem responsive, but it only takes losing the wire that directs the compressor to cycle down to cause the AC to run without stopping.
  • Leaking refrigerant: When an air conditioner loses refrigerant through leaks, its cooling capacity will start to drop. This can force the AC to run longer and more frequently as it tries to make up the difference. Low refrigerant levels will eventually cause the compressor to burn out, so professionals must fix the leaks and restore the lost refrigerant ASAP.
  • Dirty outdoor coil: The outside condenser coil releases heat from the air conditioner. When the coil becomes dirty, it traps more heat inside the AC and makes it run longer and longer to complete a cooling cycle. 
  • Electrical malfunction: Dirty relays and other problems with the air conditioner’s control panel can lead to the AC failing to turn off when it should. 
  • System age: Continual operation can indicate an air conditioner has aged beyond its usefulness and can no longer reach your target temperatures. This might be the case if the system is 10 to 15 years old or older.

You can leave the work of diagnosing the problem to our technicians. We’ll find the solution so you’ll have an AC that runs only when you need it. 

At AC Comfort, Your Comfort Is Our Business! Schedule service today to solve your air conditioning troubles.

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