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Do I Need Air Filters When There’s One on My HVAC System?

furnace-checked-by-technicianIf you’re asking this question, you probably have some sense that you need indoor air quality improvements, but you aren’t sure if air filters are the answer. After all, there already is an air filter in your house—the one that’s on the HVAC cabinet. This is the filter that we recommend you change every one to three months to ensure the heater and AC continue to work at high energy efficiency. Paying attention to this filter is important for indoor comfort. 

However, this filter is not there to improve indoor air quality, so if you’re looking for better indoor air quality, yes, you may need an air filter or an air purifier in Houston, TX.

More About the HVAC Air Filter

We want to spend a bit more time talking about your HVAC systems’ air filter because it is extremely important to know what it does and why it’s there. 

This filter is located at the point where the return air duct—the duct that draws air from the house into the HVAC system for conditioning—connects to the HVAC cabinet at the blower. (In some homes, the filter is located behind the vent cover of the return air vent in the house.) Because dust and other debris from the house will travel along the air pulled into the return air ducts, the filter is in place to stop them from getting into the HVAC cabinet, where they cause damage to the interior components, especially the motors and the refrigerant coils. The filter will clog up over a few months and need to be replaced, otherwise, it will severely lower HVAC energy efficiency.

This filter does remove a few larger particles from circulating through the air in a house, but it is not significant enough to improve overall air quality. 

This Is Where Special Air Filters Are Useful

If your home has too many airborne pollutants circulating through it, special indoor air quality devices can help, and the first step is usually to install special air filters.

These filters are not put in place of the HVAC filter because they won’t fit the space. Instead, they must be integrated into the ductwork. Only professionals can do this service. It’s also important to leave the selection of these filters to professionals, since filters that are too powerful will cut off the airflow through the HVAC system, leading to damage to the components and a loss of comfort around the home. 

Air Purification Additions

What about air purifiers? Do you also need a powered air purifier or a UV air purifier? It depends on your home. Air purifiers are useful at eliminating the smaller particles that may slip through a filter. Since filters have an upper limit on their strength in a residential HVAC system, air purifiers can help to provide more thorough air cleaning, removing more than 98% of contaminants if combined with the right set of filters. Again, professionals can ensure you have the right air purifier type (such as a UV air purifier) matched with the filters.

Our IAQ team is ready to help you find the best set of indoor air quality products for your house. Call us today for more information.

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