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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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Getting the Best Start With Your AC This Season

AC-maintenance-toolsThe weather is getting warmer, and you know the blistering heat isn’t far off. Is your air conditioning system ready for another hot summer in Katy, TX? Chances are that even if it is ready, it could also be more ready. We have some tips to make sure you have the best possible start to using your air conditioning system this season. 

If you haven’t already, schedule AC maintenance 

We brought this up a few posts ago, but it always bears repeating—an air conditioning system needs to have a regular maintenance inspection and tune-up from professionals each spring. This is the absolute best service you can have done for it, because it stops so many future problems, extends service life, and helps keep the AC’s energy efficiency high. It’s just now spring, so it’s not remotely too late to schedule this service if you haven’t already. Sign up for our Safety and Efficiency Cool Club and we’ll get you the next convenient appointment. 

Have lingering repairs done now

If you have maintenance done and the technician finds that there’s a repair that needs to be done, please don’t delay with scheduling it. (In some cases, our technicians can handle the repair during maintenance, but for bigger repair needs we may need to arrange a second appointment.) If you already know there is a repair the AC needs because of something going wrong last year, don’t hesitate—an AC repair in Katy, TX before the system comes on can save you a lot of trouble, including an AC that … doesn’t come on.

Unblock and uncover the room air vents

Take a tour of the house now, including rooms that are rarely used, and check on all the air vents. You’re looking to make sure each vent is fully open and unobstructed. Furniture, rugs, or other objects may have been moved during winter that ended up blocking the vents. For the AC to work effectively, it needs to have all the vents open. (Closing them does not help save energy. It may even damage the HVAC system.) If you find vent covers that are dusty, clean them off. 

Check around the outdoor condenser

The outdoor condenser of the air conditioner must have a clear area around it of about a foot so it can vent out heat. Clear away any debris that’s too close, such as leaves, pebbles, branches, etc. and trim back any plants that may interfere with the condenser fan. You’re not only doing this to help the condenser exhaust heat, but also to prevent small items from getting pulled into the condenser. If the condenser is extremely dirty, wash it down with a hose on low pressure. 

Replace an old air conditioner

Okay, this isn’t a necessary step in most years. But if you have a struggling air conditioner that’s more than 15 years in service, this might be the most important step you can take to prepare for the summer. If you have concerns about your AC making it through the hot weather this year, get in touch with us to arrange for a consultation, and we’ll find out if you need a new AC or not. 

At AC Comfort, Your Comfort Is Our Business! Call today to schedule maintenance, repairs, a replacement, or anything else you need to keep cool this season.

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