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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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Planning for Mid-Year: Do You Need to Replace Your AC?

old-air-conditionerHandling air conditioning repairs, maintenance, and replacements are the biggest part of our job because the weather in Katy means ACs in homes do plenty of work around the year. Your home’s air conditioning system never gets an extended vacation and probably must turn on a few times each month of winter.

Now that we’re heading toward the big heat of the year, it’s a good time to consider getting a new air conditioner if your current one is too old or in poor shape.

You never want to jump to a hasty conclusion about a project as large and with so many long-term effects as replacing a central air conditioner. We recommend you call our technicians to inspect the AC in your house as part of regular spring maintenance. Our technicians can give you an expert opinion on replacement and if repairs are still cost-effective.

Below we’ve listed criteria used in making the choice about an air conditioner replacement:

Unit Age

An air conditioner older than 15 years is a prime candidate for retirement. Can a central AC last for longer? Possibly. But past 15 years is the point where rapid decline sets in and air conditioning care becomes about diminishing returns and damage control. With so many advanced alternatives on the market, and even modestly priced replacements having superior efficiency ratings, it’s time to pack it in for the old air conditioner.

Costly Repairs or Too Many Repairs

Ask any HVAC technician about what’s too expensive for an air conditioning system repair, and you’ll hear something similar to the “Rule of 5,000.” Multiply the age of the unit by the projected cost of the repair. If the number is over 5,000, that’s too expensive. For the number of repairs, it should not exceed more than one a year—and if an AC needs a repair every year, that’s also too much.

High Risk of a Breakdown

An expert can give you an idea of how reliable your current air conditioner is. Maintenance helps an AC’s chance of making it through the summer, but at a certain point it won’t make much difference. A technician can inform you when the AC is at a high risk of failing during the coming summer, leaving you with no choice but to make an emergency repair.

Dying Energy Efficiency

A technician can determine if your air conditioner is living up to its original SEER rating, which measures efficiency. A maintained central air conditioner should keep 95% of its SEER rating for most of its life, and start to speedily drop at the end. If you have higher cooling bills than normal, tell the technician so they can investigate and find if the source is from irreversible system deterioration.

You can schedule an AC installation in Katy, TX with our team and know you’ve got the best experts on the job. Our technicians are NATE-certified and always act with integrity. They’ll give you an honest report about the future of your current AC and the best route toward a cool, worry-free, energy-efficient summer.

At AC Comfort, we believe comfort can cost less! Schedule an AC installation to get ready for warm weather.

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