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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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How Your Furnace Can Cost Too Much to Run

gas-furnace-with-cover-openYou don’t rely on your furnace as much as your air conditioner in our warm weather, so when it comes to saving money with your HVAC system, the AC will be your focus. That doesn’t mean you should let an inefficient furnace get away with stealing money from you! When you notice that you’re paying more for your winter heating, and it’s not because of a rise in energy costs or an increase in how often you run the furnace, you may need furnace repair in Cypress, TX. Or possibly a new furnace!

Let’s look at the ways your furnace may turn into a money waster. This will help you know when to call for assistance from our technicians.

Lack of maintenance

This is the #1 cause of a furnace that wastes energy. No matter the type of furnace (gas, electric), it suffers from strain as it runs over the years. The strain accumulates, primarily on the motors, and an increase in dirt also starts to affect performance. The result is the furnace drains more energy to do the same amount of work. Each year a furnace misses routine professional maintenance, it will lose approximately 5% of its energy efficiency. That will quickly add up. Sign up for our regular maintenance program and we’ll see your furnace never misses a regular maintenance appointment.

Clogged air filters

Changing the air filters is a maintenance job you’ll need to do yourself. The furnace’s air filter collects debris that tries to enter the blower along with the air coming in the return air vents. After one to three months, the filter will become clogged and restrict airflow. This forces the blower to work harder and lower energy efficiency. Changing out the filter on a regular basis (check every month, and change it at least every three) not only prevents a rise in energy bills, it helps the furnace last longer, prevents the blower motor from overheating, and lets the filter do the best job at keeping debris out of the furnace.

Setting the thermostat too high

Homeowners can slip easily into the habit of running the thermostat at a high setting whenever they feel cold, then turn it all the way back down once they feel too hot. This wastes energy. We recommend you put your thermostat at a steady, comfortable temperature during the day, then lower it 8°F at night. An ideal energy-saving temperature is 68°F during winter. Put on heavier clothing if this feels too cold. You’ll cut down on the cost to run the furnace by 2% each degree you lower it.

Dirty ductwork

This is a problem that’s outside the furnace, hiding in the ventilation system. Ductwork gathers dust and lint over time, and it takes only a thin layer to start putting friction on airflow. After 3 to 5 years, dirty ductwork can put a large drain on power, and it applies to the furnace and the air conditioner. If you are overdue for duct cleaning, speak to our professionals to schedule an appointment.

At AC Comfort, your comfort is our business! Get your furnace repaired by the best.

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