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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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Avoid AC Repair? It’s Easy With This One Simple Step

checkmark-greenWe’re not about to reveal a major hidden secret of air conditioning care. The simple step to avoid repairs that we’re talking about is, indeed, simple, and any good HVAC contractor recommends it. Not all HVAC contractors can deliver on it—at least not with the best results—but we can!

And that step is … joining an HVAC maintenance program to have your AC tuned-up and inspected each spring.

Yes, it’s that easy. And we have a great maintenance program: our Safety and Efficiency Cool Club. When you join, you’ll cut down significantly on air conditioning repair in Richmond, TX every year.

How Significantly? Would You Believe 85% Fewer Repairs?

You read that correctly. Annual professional maintenance for an air conditioner has been proven to reduce the number of repairs the system may need by 85%. Consider how much this saves you both in money and convenience. You won’t have to sit in the heat with a failing air conditioner while repairs wait to get to you. (We’re fast at responding to customer needs, but we can’t teleport!)

How does maintenance lower repair needs so much? In multiple ways:

  • During maintenance, technicians check on all moving parts—such as the motors and the blower assembly—and lubricate any parts that need it. This prevents motors from burning out early.
  • Technicians run a pressure check on the refrigerant. A drop in pressure indicates leaks in the system. Technicians can patch these up and replace the lost refrigerant. This can prevent a catastrophic compressor breakdown.
  • The AC coils receive cleaning if necessary. Dirty coils can lead to trouble with icing on the system.
  • The technicians check all electrical connections and tighten them. The majority of air conditioning repairs are related to electrical problems.
  • If necessary, the technicians recalibrate the thermostat so it doesn’t force the air conditioner to run longer and rack up excess strain.
  • General system cleaning and adjustments contribute to a “well-oiled machine” that rarely encounters problems.

Maintenance Does Even More for Your AC

Lowering the number of malfunctions is only one of the benefits of regular maintenance through our Safety and Efficiency Cool Club. The tune-ups and inspections contribute to a longer system life for the air conditioner. A regularly maintained AC can last from 10 to 15 years, while one without maintenance will only last 5 to 8. Maintenance also ensures the air conditioner works at maximum capacity and efficiency. You’ll have the cool house temperatures you want at an affordable price.

Finally, keeping current with air conditioning maintenance prevents voiding the warranty. Without the warranty, you may end up having to pay for an expensive repair that came from a factory fault.

The Safety and Efficiency Cool Club Has Perks

To make the Cool Club even better for our customers, we’ve added some perks you’ll love:

  • Repair discounts
  • Priority service over non-club members
  • No overtime charges
  • Inflation protection—your membership fees are locked in
  • Agreement is transferable if you sell your home
  • We call with reminders so you won’t forget

At AC Comfort, “Your Comfort Is Our Business!” Sign up for the Safety and Efficiency Cool Club today and enjoy great AC performance.

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