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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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You Turn the AC On … And It Shuts Right Off Again—What Gives?

thermostatThis isn’t a situation you want to run into with almost any device. But when you’ve got a hot day outside and you need to cool off your house, it can cause of jolt of panic if the AC turns on for just a moment and then shuts itself off.

So if this happens to you, you’ll want to know what’s up. And what can be done about it.

In cases where the problem isn’t a minor one, what you can do is call our technicians for AC repair in Jersey Village, TX. We’re the experts with how AC’s behave in our weather, and we’ve handled every problem imaginable. We will be there for you when you need the help—because your comfort is our business.

Okay, so what’s happening?

A number of problems may be the source of the AC that won’t stay on. If the air conditioner shuts down and then you can’t get it to come on again at all, we recommend you check the circuit breaker panel for your house. An air conditioning system is a big piece of electrical equipment that uses a large amount of power to run. It requires the most power at start-up, and in situations of strain, the motors may cause a circuit breaker to trip. If you do find a tripped breaker, re-set it. Then try the AC again. This may solve the problem. But if the breaker trips again, then you’ve probably got an electrical issue with the AC that needs professional attention.

Another possibility is trouble with the compressor. This is the heart of the AC, the component responsible for changing the pressure of the refrigerant so it circulates and goes through heat exchange. If the AC keeps shutting down, the compressor may have excess wear on it, or it has become “tight” and can’t overcome the initial resistance needed to start. Both are serious issues, because the compressor is in danger of burning out. Have technicians on the job fast so they can repair the compressor before an expensive failure.

Loss of refrigerant is another cause of a quick shutdown for an AC. Refrigerant is essential to the operation of your air conditioner. It must remain at the same level for the life of the air conditioner—and that’s the normal process, unless the refrigerant lines leak. Lost refrigerant is a serious concern because it can damage other components and also cause the compressor to overheat and burn out. To fix this problem, technicians will locate and seal the leaks. Then they’ll refill the lost AC to restore the system to factory levels. (It’s important not to put in too much refrigerant.)

Watch for Short-Cycling

One other thing: your AC may not shut down right after you turn it off, but if you notice it’s only running for a few minutes at a time, this is also a problem. It’s called short-cycling, and it wastes power and puts too much strain on the AC components. Please call us to help with short-cycling if you encounter it as well.

At AC Comfort, “Your Comfort Is Our Business”! Call us as soon as you need air conditioning assistance.

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