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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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The Problems With an Old Furnace


rustic old furnace

When you look at the furnace in your house, wherever it’s located, do you think that it seems like it wouldn’t be out of place in the ruins of ancient Rome? That’s an exaggeration, but you’ll know an old furnace when you see one, even without looking at its manufacture date.

If you think your furnace is too old, then it probably is. Check the manufacture date on the furnace’s information plate to learn out its exact age. If it’s more than 15 years old, it’s in the range where a replacement is on the table. We recommend furnace service in Houston, TX to replace the heater with a new unit. An old furnace can become a problem … and here are a few of them.

It was always energy inefficient

This is not a problem an older furnace develops. It’s a problem with how long ago the furnace was built. Standards for furnace efficiency have risen and manufacturing technology has also improved. An older mid-efficiency furnace may have an efficiency rating of 70% to 80%, meaning from 20 to 30% of the natural gas or propane goes to waste. Today, most furnaces have 85% or higher efficiency, and condensing furnaces can have efficiencies up to 98%.

It’s even more energy inefficient now

Age slows down any mechanical device and forces it to expend more energy for the same results. No matter how well you have cared for your furnace, the ravages of time will cause it to lose energy efficiency near the end of its life. Take a look at your history of winter heating bills. Have they started to increase recently? That’s the old furnace at work—working too hard.

It can harm indoor air quality

Older heating and air conditioning systems are not beneficial for the air circulating through a house. They accumulate dust and dirt easier and blow it through the ductwork. If you notice dusty odors in the house each time the furnace and blower come on, it’s signs that the furnace is too old.

It creates noise pollution

Old motors rattle and screech and bang and generally make a racket. If you’re living with a furnace that’s a noise problem—and repairs don’t improve it—start considering getting a new furnace.

It may become hazardous

This is the big one when it comes to gas, oil, and propane furnaces. Natural gas furnaces are the most common type, and although they are built with high safety standards, extreme age can defeat these. The trouble often occurs in the heat exchanger of the furnace. Many years of chemical reactions between the vapors in the combustion gas and the metal of the heat exchanger creates corrosion. Corrosion weakens the metal, allowing for cracks—and a cracked heat exchanger can permit toxic exhaust gases to get into your home’s air! If a technician inspects your old furnace and discovers corrosion or cracks, the best step is to have a new furnace put in.

At AC Comfort, you comfort is our business! Schedule service for your old furnace today—we’ll find the best option for you.

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