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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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Warning Signs You Need Heater Repair

furnace-with-pipesThe weather is Texas can be … weird. That’s why an HVAC company like ours can find itself busy around the year helping people with their air conditioning systems—but still need to be ready in a pinch to help out when heating systems start to suffer from problems. It’s our job to be ready for whatever the shifts in the weather can throw at our customers.

Right now, we’re on the watch for wherever we need to deliver heating repair in Katy, TX. And we want to help you be on the watch as well. The sooner you realize something is wrong, the sooner we can fix it, and the less expensive it is likely to be. Here are some common warning signs that you might need your heater repaired (aside from the obvious, like when the heater doesn’t provide any heat!).

Strange sounds from the ductwork

Furnaces and heat pumps are the most common types of heaters found in this area, both of which use ductwork to distribute heat around a house. (There are special ductless mini split heat pumps, although they aren’t as common.) Odd sounds coming from those vents are often early indications you’ve got problems. These sounds include grinding, mechanical shrieking, booming, clattering, and clicking. If it’s not a usual sound or it’s loud enough to be disruptive, have professionals look into it right away.

Uneven heating

This is a problem that homeowners often ignore, especially if the rooms that seem colder than usual aren’t rooms that are often used. When parts of the house are getting warmer than others, or even too warm, something may be wrong with the heating power or the blower fan of the heating system. It might also be a heater that’s aged too far and may need to be replaced.

Heater turns on and off too often

What is “too often?” Most heating systems will run on a cycle of about 15 minutes to reach the set temperature on the thermostat before cycling off for a stretch. You shouldn’t hear heater kick on in-and-out four or more times an hour; this indicates the heater is short-cycling, trapped in the start-up cycle and turning off before it’s actually finished. There are multiple potential sources for this, and you want licensed HVAC technicians to find out the reason for short-cycling ASAP.

High utility bills

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a heater in possession of a too-large heating bill must be in want of repairs. If your heating system is running up your utility bills higher than normal (and electrical costs haven’t risen), the heater is probably malfunctioning. Almost any type of heating system problem will result in a rise in utility costs. Don’t just accept paying more—one of our slogans is “Comfort Can Cost Less,” and with the proper repairs, we can make your heating cost less.

You can trust to our NATE-certified comfort specialists, no matter what help your heating system needs.

At AC Comfort, your comfort is our business! Call us when you need heating repair of any kind in Katy.

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