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Serving Katy, TX and the Surrounding Areas
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Just Getting a High-Efficiency AC Isn’t Enough: Here’s the Secret!

air-conditioner-on-leavesWith summer coming up, you might be in a position where you’re ready to replace your old air conditioning system and start fresh. We think this is a good idea, especially if your air conditioner is more than 15 years old or it is showing signs it can’t keep up with the heat the way it used to. And if you’re thinking about investing in a high-efficiency air conditioning system with features like a variable-speed fan and multi-stage compressor, we also think that’s a good idea. 

But we want to caution you that simply purchasing a high-efficiency AC isn’t an automatic ticket to lower cooling bills. It might not even be a way to get sufficient cooling. 

But isn’t high efficiency better?

On the surface, yes. High-efficiency air conditioners are designed to make maximum use of electrical power to provide cooling to a house. A standard mid-efficiency air conditioner has a SEER of 15, while some high-efficiency systems can have a SEER of 28! There’s plenty of range in-between, but this gives you an idea of how much more energy-efficient these systems are. If you have an older system with 13 SEER (these models were common more than 10 years ago), switching to a 26 SEER system is double the efficiency rating.

It just might not be double the savings. 

Here’s a key fact to know about efficiency ratings: they are the maximum efficiency performance of a system. It’s not how the AC system will perform all the time. You might purchase the highest SEER system you can afford, but still have it perform the same as your old air conditioner because it’s not right for your house. Efficiency isn’t a guide, not a guarantee.

Now, here’s the one secret to getting the best in AC energy efficiency

We don’t think this is much of a secret, honestly, but many people often bypass it in the rush to get the best AC possible. It’s hiring HVAC professionals to help you select and install your air conditioner. Trying to go it alone with air conditioning installation in Katy, TX puts you at high risk of getting a system that’s the wrong type or wrong size for your home. You may end up wasting money and even have an AC that isn’t cooling your home enough.

But our professionals won’t let this happen to you. After all, your comfort is our business! 

Our HVAC technicians know how to combine all the important factors about air conditioning systems, your home, and your budget to locate a system that will work to its fullest potential. It might be a high-efficiency system, but sometimes we discover that a house is best-served with a mid-efficiency system. It depends on several criteria, but you can trust that will take everything into account when helping you select your next AC. Then we’ll perform a great installation so the AC can do what it’s supposed to. 

At AC Comfort, “Your Comfort Is Our Business!” Request service today in Katy, TX to find the right air conditioner for your home.

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